Sunday, January 11, 2009

Whats Cooking 1

So todays meal... and as many as I need to come up with until I start seeing other ladies recipes flow in will be courtesy of yours truly . No it isnt going to be anything fancy or hard...Its simple easy everyday food and this is just a way for you to have some new supper ideas ! What is cooking for supper today?

Spicy Salmon with Asparagus and Rice
From: Elisha Hawryluk

you'll need :

As many boneless Salmon Fillets as you need for your family
Cajun spice
olive oil
hollandaise sauce mix
your choice of rice. I know I always go the easy way out with Minute Rice

In a bowl combine approx 1 cup of Flour 1/2 tsp Pepper and 3 tbsp of Cajun Spice
I lightly coat the salmon in olive oil and then just dip in the flour mixture
You can bake this in the oven or fry in butter. which is not good for you but tastes oh so much better! Bake or Fry until it flakes apart easily. I'm not sure on a time. The frying is quick... baking I just keep checking on it.

Steam your asparagus and make the Hollandaise sauce according to package directions. Drizzle over the asparagus once it is on your plate

And Rice. I think I can leave that up to you!


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